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Current applications

I will develop more applications.

Online vm

Please note that the data will all removed after you refresh the page.

You will need to store the data.

OS is ubuntu 16.04 xenial or 14.04 trusty

Please run -apt update- to get the detailed OS version.

workspace 1: raw terminal

workspace 2: editor and terminal -currently unavailable-

mario maker windows xp and vista


convert scratch to html

javascript series



platformre a platformer alpha version NEW/minecraft penland nova platformre print bot raw forum

My favorite website: if you have bugs,report here.

tlog:install zsh and configure it

...or try it by yourself


we will update the web to mkdocs at 2020.11.1

blog Useful ubuntu core appliances download

Update log:

2020.4.1--update Bot

2020.3.31--enforce https

2020.3.16--add terminal

2020.2.15--add many things

2020.1.13--open website

V0.2 - made with code